Fun Commands
Celebrate Spring! Grab your basket here we go now. Hop along with Bunny!
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Here's a list of commands everyone can use:
Explore Our Commands
+sbadmin: Show Admin-Only help page.

+sbhowto: Learn how to play.

+sbprivacy: Read our Privacy Policy.

+sbping: Check the bot's latency.

+sbstatus: Check the status of our services.
+sbtake: Take the Spring Egg when it appears.

+sbshiny: Take a Golden Spring Egg when it appears.
+sbleader: See the top 10.

+sbscore @username: Check the mentioned user's score.

+sbscore: Check your score.

+sbstats: Check server and global stats.
+sbask <your question>: Let Bunny answer your questions.

+sbchocolate @username: Give a chocolate bunny to the mentioned user. It is all about appreciation.

+sbpet: Pet Bunny!

⭐ +sbfind: Find the Bunny and gain Spring Eggs.

⭐ +sbbeautiful @username: Let the mentioned user know they're beautiful.

⭐ +sbhop: Hop like a bunny and get Spring Eggs.
Go Premium and unlock the fun with Bunny Bot! Here's what you get:

🔸 Automatic drops by chat activity and Golden Eggs! Otherwise you'd have to type in a command to make the Spring Eggs appear.

🔸 More Fun commands: Including hop, find, shiny and race that will let everyone in your server get more Spring Eggs!

🔸 More control: Give or remove Spring Eggs, give or remove broken Spring Eggs, change bot's prefix and change for how long the drops stay visible.

🔸 Get dedicated and personalized help in our Support Server straight from the Dev!

To get started, please check this out:
Here's the list of commands only server admins can use:
+sbsetup #ChannelMention: Setup the channel the bot is going to use. You can't use the bot without setting up a channel.

+sbdrop: Make a Spring Egg show up. People with Manage_Messages permission can use this command.

+sbenable-<ask,chocolate,hop,find>: Enable a command. You can enable one command per use.

+sbdisable-<ask,beautiful,hop,find>: Disable a command. You can disable one command per use.

+sbenables: Check the status of enabled or disabled commands.

⭐ Automatic Drops by Chat Activity including Golden Eggs.

⭐ +sbprefix <NewPrefix>: Change Bot's prefix.

⭐ +sbgive-eggs @username <amount>: Give Spring Eggs to the mentioned user.

⭐ +sbgive-broken @username <amount>: Give broken Spring Eggs to the mentioned user.

⭐ +sbremove-eggs @username <amount>: Remove Spring Eggs from the mentioned user.

⭐ +sbremove-broken @username <amount>: Remove broken Spring Eggs from the mentioned user.
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